Topical 25/11/21

The scammers have gone into overdrive during the pandemic. Topical knows of two local recipients of scam calls, one from the UK and the other from Sri Lanka, of all places – should have rung alarm bells. The current scam which has resurfaced involves a phone call from overseas which the recipient picks up and the phone call cuts of. The recipient then in all innocence phones back and the scammer’s aim is to keep them on the line as long as possible, thereby somehow, getting their money.

Topical 23/11/21

Plain speaking is the best way to run a business – it’s called ‘radical candour’ reports The Economist newspaper. To navigate the corporate workplace, you need a phrasebook. Some examples -“I hear you”. Ostensible meaning: You’re making a legitimate point. Actual meaning: Be quiet. “We should all learn to walk in each other’s shoes.” Ostensible meaning: Shared understanding results in better outcomes. Actual meaning: I need you to know that my job is a living hell. “I’m just curious…” Ostensible meaning: I’d like to know why you think that… Actual meaning: …because it makes no sense to anyone else. “It’s great to have started this conversation.” Ostensible meaning: We’ve raised an important issue here. Actual meaning: We’ve made absolutely no progress. “I wanted to keep you in the loop.” Ostensible meaning: I am informing you of something minor. Actual meaning: I should have told you this weeks ago. “Do you have five minutes?”Ostensible meaning: I have something trivial to say. Actual meaning: You are in deep, deep trouble.