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The great power of collaboration

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
These wise words came from internationally-renowned author Helen Keller, likely early in the 20th century.
One-hundred years later, that quote rings particularly true in Narrabri in wake of one of the biggest joint efforts this shire has seen.
We saw Keller’s words put into action as government agencies and local organisations joined forces to immunise what was expected to be almost 1000 people at The Crossing Theatre on Sunday and Monday.
Health professionals from the Royal Flying Doctor Service and NSW Health worked with Narrabri Shire Council, local emergency services and the Rotary Club of Narrabri for the mammoth two-day undertaking. In Wee Waa, its clinic involved the local Aboriginal land council.
Reflecting back on Keller’s words, that power of togetherness is what drives true change.
Individually, these agencies and organisations would unlikely have been able to facilitate such an undertaking.
This certainly isn’t because of an inability to do so, each of those groups is skilled and has the aptitude to deliver change.
But successful change at such an enormous scale in the community can only be done collaboratively.
This same quote can be applied at a higher level.
The collaboration of governments across the world has resulted in Australia bolstering its immediate supply of vaccinations.
Deals between Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom have seen immunisations delivered some months before their expected arrival.
This collaboration will speed up vaccination in our nation at a time when it’s needed most.
These countries which have swapped doses are far ahead of Australia in the distribution of inoculations.
In return, Australia will boost these countries’ supplies at a time when it’s likely to be needed once more.
From an international level to locally, collaboration comes in varying forms.
However, the one thing they all have in common is a desire to bring change.
A glean back at history will show that some of the world’s greatest achievements have resulted from togetherness. So too have some of the darkest chapters of history.
France and Russia alone could not have taken on Germany in the First World War.
It was the work of the Allied Powers, a contingent of nations, that defeated Germany and the other countries that formed part of the Central Powers.
The Second World War was equally as similar in this sense of collaboration.
No one individual or organisation can effect change at such an enormous level locally or globally, but together, collaboration is such a powerful thing to behold.




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Community achieved a wonderful result: Mayor

Now that the dust has settled on the fantastic news from the NSW Deputy Premier last week, I thought I’d share with you how our community achieved this wonderful result.
As you know, I reached out to Sam Farraway MLC shortly after the disappointment that Narrabri Shire was to remain under lockdown restrictions and as we communicated to you, he advised us through the Deputy Premier, John Barilaro, what we needed to do; have no more COVID cases, no detection in our sewage testing and our vaccination rates needed to continue to increase – as you all know we achieved this!
I kept in constant contact with Sam from that point, touching base and advising of any change here in Narrabri Shire.
He was in turn communicating our situation on the ground here directly to the Deputy Premier.
Sam reached out to me late last Tuesday evening and advised that council now needed to prepare a ‘case for release’ to be presented to the crisis cabinet meeting the following morning (Wednesday, September 15, 2021).
The case needed to have NSW Police support and also input from HNE Health – if we were to have any chance in getting the crisis cabinet to agree to lift our lockdown.
Council staff worked well into the night to prepare our case for release as I urgently reached out to NSW Police and HNE Health for their input and support into the development our case for release.
The ‘case for release’ council was able to prepare was an extremely strong and comprehensive one, it contained a full timeline of events, up to date accurate information regarding vaccine percentages, an honest and truthful account of the circumstances here in the shire, it contained input from HNE Health and critically had the full support of the NSW Police for the shire’s release from lockdown.
With the case prepared, council provided it directly to Sam Farraway and the Deputy Premier who then took our case into the crisis cabinet meeting last Wednesday … and the rest is history!
I want to extend a special thanks to the council staff who jumped straight in and spent countless hours into the night last Tuesday evening preparing our case for release, a huge thank you as well to Inspector Robert Dunn who responded to my urgent calls and requests for NSW Police feedback.
With your cooperation and adherence to what was required of us due to COVID, we are now enjoying some freedoms that we have all recently missed so much!
Now please enjoy yourselves, don’t be complacent and please be mindful that businesses still have some restrictions.
Remember to be patient and let’s get out there and continue to support our local businesses!
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