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Australia Day a chance to reflect on exceptional community service

In every corner of Australia, community service is placed in the spotlight on Australia Day.
People from all walks of life come together to celebrate achievement at all levels, from the presentation of Australia Day Honours to acknowledging dedication at a community level.
Narrabri Shire has no shortage of great achievers and this was evident at the presentation of local Australia Day awards on Friday morning.
The presentation of awards is a reminder of extraordinary service to the community.
This service takes many forms, through community groups, sporting clubs, achievements and just generally being a person who is both kind in spirit and with time.
There is no greater gift than giving back to the community.
That investment in time is usually returned and more, through the friendships and connections you make while rolling up your sleeves and getting to know your community in greater detail.
Australia Day also serves as a reminder of the great work community and sporting groups provide at a local level.
In towns and cities, small and large, these groups are the glue which keep communities together.
Without these organisations, important services, cultural and sporting activities our communities would be poorer.
From the volunteer firefighters who put their lives on the line to the groups which fundraise for services and facilities, every organisation and individual plays an important role in the fabric of our society.
The greatest gift you can give back to your nation is to volunteer in your community.





Your Say

Acknowledging the incredible contributions of our volunteers

This week, as we celebrate National Volunteers Week, I am proud to acknowledge the incredible contributions of our volunteers.
This year’s Volunteer of the Year Award will be announced on Friday. There were some exceptional entries, and I know you’ll join me in congratulating their efforts.
Volunteers are the backbone of our communities, and we owe them our heartfelt thanks. Narrabri Shire has received an additional $1.4 million in funding for the next stage of our Tourism and Cultural Hub next to The Crossing Theatre, thanks to the federal government’s announcement last Monday.
This funding will further enhance our community facilities, promoting local culture and tourism, and providing a vibrant space for residents and visitors alike. This is an important step forward for our shire, and I look forward to seeing the positive outcomes of this investment.
I also had the pleasure of participating in the National Reading event at our local library. I read a storybook to an enthusiastic group of three and four-year-old children.
Research consistently shows that reading with young children is crucial for developing their confidence and proficiency in English.
Encouraging early literacy is a priority for our community, and events like this highlight the importance of fostering a love for reading from a young age.
We have great libraries in our shire and all of us (young and young-at-heart) can benefit from reading. Memberships are free!
I also want to address the changes to the pathology services at Narrabri Hospital. I wrote to the State Health Minister last week and have had discussions with a number of politicians and officials about this issue.
It is crucial that all our hospitals are properly resourced to ensure the health and safety of all communities across Narrabri Shire.
I am working with the local member and will continue monitoring this important issue. We are seeking clarity from the Health Department about this matter. Watch this space!
Next Tuesday, we have a Narrabri Shire Council meeting, and I encourage those interested to attend. This is a good opportunity to observe the wheels of democracy turning.
Additionally, the exhibition period for our upcoming operational budget is ending soon. If you have any concerns or comments, please contact the council or email us at [email protected].
Your input is invaluable in shaping our community’s future.
I want to address the recent Telstra outage in Wee Waa.
While we are thankful that mobile service has been restored, the outage was particularly challenging for our older residents and local businesses.
Mobile phone services are essential lifelines in remote communities.
I have written to the Telstra CEO expressing my serious concerns about the duration of this outage, and I know that both state and federal politicians have also voiced their concerns.
Finally, as winter begins, let’s remember to check in on our elderly neighbours, friends, and relatives to ensure they are prepared for the cold months ahead.



Topical 23/5/24

The following was submitted to Topical by a community member who wanted to send a big thumbs up to those considerate and committed Narrabri Shire citizens who give their valuable time to provide the wide range of rescue services if required without remuneration. Incidents can occur at any moment and of any nature and the VRA squad members sacrifice time and effort which could be well spent doing other things like family, work or sport to be prepared and is therefore much appreciated. They also demonstrate their commitment to the community by participating in community events such as Anzac Day, the Christmas carnival and show among many others. We as a community, need to show support and encourage this service provided to us for it is comforting to know that the squad is ready to help should we need them. The squad could be encouraged by making a visit to the base station on Thursday evenings to see the huge range of equipment they have and see them training in a variety of simulated incidents. Thank you to the employers who support the squad with the service they give.

Topical 21/5/24

Just when we think we have reached peak ridiculousness, we can still be surprised. Nowadays it is evidently important to warn readers of books and audiences at plays that they may be shocked or traumatised by the content they are about to see. This has meant, among other things that London’s Globe Theatre had to warn the audience that Shakespeare’s ‘Antony and Cleopatra’ ‘contains depictions of suicide and violence’ before a recent production. The Australian newspaper reports that ‘ The Melbourne Theatre Company warned audiences about a fake moth: “A dead moth is tangled on the clothes of one of the characters … this is a fake moth. No animals are harmed during the making of the production.” Warnings about content are called ‘trigger content.’’ The Melbourne company presenting a musical adaptation of the Australian classic ‘My Brilliant Career’ warns that ‘would-be lover Hal tells protagonist Sybylla she is ‘well shaped and grabs her by the hand and asks for a kiss.” Perth’s Black Swan theatre company warns that in the coming ‘The Seed’ ‘the death of a crayfish and other sea creatures is mentioned…’