In every corner of Australia, community service is placed in the spotlight on Australia Day.

People from all walks of life come together to celebrate achievement at all levels, from the presentation of Australia Day Honours to acknowledging dedication at a community level.

Narrabri Shire has no shortage of great achievers and this was evident at the presentation of local Australia Day awards on Friday morning.

The presentation of awards is a reminder of extraordinary service to the community.

This service takes many forms, through community groups, sporting clubs, achievements and just generally being a person who is both kind in spirit and with time.

There is no greater gift than giving back to the community.

That investment in time is usually returned and more, through the friendships and connections you make while rolling up your sleeves and getting to know your community in greater detail.

Australia Day also serves as a reminder of the great work community and sporting groups provide at a local level.

In towns and cities, small and large, these groups are the glue which keep communities together.

Without these organisations, important services, cultural and sporting activities our communities would be poorer.

From the volunteer firefighters who put their lives on the line to the groups which fundraise for services and facilities, every organisation and individual plays an important role in the fabric of our society.

The greatest gift you can give back to your nation is to volunteer in your community.

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