By Year 9 students


Last week a group of Narrabri High year 9 students attended the school’s annual ski trip.

Before the crack of dawn on Monday morning we started our long and exciting journey to Jindabyne.

After a 13 hour drive full of sleeping, music, movies and games we arrived at our destination.

After we had dinner many of us went to hang out in the common room where we played an ‘extreme’ game of table tennis and a few different card games.

A few hours later the teachers sent us to bed in the hope we would all fall asleep fast and have an early night.

However, this did not exactly happen due to the excitement of what was to come the following morning.

We were awoken at 6am the next morning leaving us all tired but there was a new kind of buzz in the air.

After breakfast, we travelled to Thredbo, where most of us saw snow for the first time.

We all got our snow gear on and went to our first skiing and snowboarding lesson where we were taught the basics.

The hours after our lessons were spent drinking hot chocolates, building snowmen, having intense snowball fights and practising skiing and snowboarding.

Most of us got to go on the ski lifts for the first time, where we went on the bigger slopes ending in a lot of slips and falls.

The first day at the snow was very exhausting, although left us wanting to go back immediately.

The following snow days were even better than the first as we were getting the hang of skiing and snowboarding. The last day at the snow went by much more quickly.

Some of the students were able to get the ski lift up to one of the highest points of the mountain.

The snow was one of the best experiences and none of us wanted to leave.

This trip was a trip of a lifetime with laughs, memories and growing friendships.

We are so grateful to Narrabri High School and our teachers for taking the time to allow us to have the opportunity.