Isn’t it ironic?

On page 2 of the Courier (19/3/19) there is an advertisement from Santos in regard to ‘Building a better future’ through the development of its Narrabri Gas Project and then on page 6 an advertisement from Labor which states ‘Labor Will Stop CSG’!

Talk about a stark difference!

One advertisement talks about the very real growth, jobs and economic benefit from natural gas via CSG wells, which already supply the Wilga Park power station which in turn provides power to about 23,000 homes.

The other advertisement is no growth, no development, and no diversity of industries for Narrabri.

If you don’t want job opportunities for the kids and are happy to watch the town slowly struggle along economically, and if you are happy to wave goodbye to the kids as they leave looking for work, then select the ‘no’ advertisement!

That is, ‘no opportunity’ advertisement!

On the other hand, if you want Narrabri to prosper, grow, and broaden its range of job prospects that helps the local kids to find employment and learn new skills and have careers and grow and prosper, then choose the ‘creation of opportunity’ advertisement.

This is particularly so with the recent announcement by Perdaman (28/2/19) of a fertiliser plant set to deliver hundreds of permanent jobs in the Narrabri area if the Santos gas project goes ahead, There was never such a stark choice!

Queensland has had natural gas via CSG for decades now, and despite all the emotional fear mongering, on a relative basis there has been no significant environmental impact from this industry, given the size of the industry there now.

Time to say ‘no’ to the fear mongering and get on and grow the local economy and create opportunities for the young people of Narrabri today for when they begin seeking employment.

Bruce Holland


The Norwood Resource