Narrabri firefighters have been busy at home and away.

On Friday morning the Narrabri NSW Fire and Rescue brigade was called out to a grassfire on the Stoney Creek Road.

The fire had two ignition points, a spokesman said, leading to the conclusion that its start was ‘suspicious.’

The fires were near the electricity sub station.

“The conditions were very windy and the fire ‘took off’ towards the sub station” said Narrabri Station Commander Shane Bradford.

It was extinguished by Fire and Rescue and the RFS before there was any major damage.

“The start of the fire is under investigation” Mr Bradford said. Following the Stoney Creek Road incident, the Narrabri Fire and Rescue crew was called out to help in Tenterfield about 4pm on Friday, Station Commander Shane Bradford said.

The Narrabri crew, Shane Bradford (OIC) and firefighters Lucas Warren, Lee Rich and Cameron Cronin joined up with another three appliances from other centres at Tenterfield to form a ‘strike’ team.

About 9 or 10 o’clock that night there was a wind change which took the fire in a different direction and put more properties under threat, Mr Bradford said.

“The crew worked all that night, left at midnight and got back to Narrabri about 5am next morning.”

In the Mount McKenzie Road fire, Tenterfield, a home was destroyed, four damaged and three facilities destroyed, two car yards and a pistol club, 12 outbuildings were destroyed and eight damaged.

Sixty five homes in the immediate area of the fire were saved.