I have now completed articles and stories in the recently released second limited edition of the Centenary of ANZAC book.

A selection of the stories involved local indigenous volunteers.

I have been contacted by the Indigenous Liaison Officer with the Australian War Memorial – Military History Unit.

He is in the process of identifying and recognising the contribution and service of indigenous men and women and has supplied me with a list of soldiers who were born in and around Narrabri.

Sadly it is now too late to include these brave Aboriginal men in my book.

I ask folk to take a look at this list of names and if anyone requires more information they can contact me through The Courier: James Henry Budsworth, Robert Barwick, Martin Coohey, Edward Stanley Golden, William George King, Edward Maybury, Henry Nean, Charles William Payne, William John Ruttley, William James Tighe, William Richard Townsend, William John Wallace, Mark Richard Wortley and Robert Wortley.

Two were killed in action, one was too young and his parents did not give consent, one was too old and one was rejected because he was not of ‘substantial European origin’.

Richard Barry


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