Step out in comfort and style in shoes from McDonald’s

McDonald’s Fashions is a one stop shop for all your footwear needs.


McDonald’s Fashions has everything for winter from your feet up – the store prides itself on quality fashion footwear for casual, work or stepping out for special occasions.

McDonald’s has a comprehensive range from the latest fashion shoes for winter through to comfortable traditional footwear for the more mature foot.

McDonald’s have fashion sneakers, dress shoes, casual shoes, through to going out shoes.

The range includes great for winter short boots – and they are all affordable, starting from only $49.95.

All the best designers are on the McDonald’s Fashions’ shelves. Top brands in women’s styles include Hush Puppies, Diana Ferrari, the Super Soft range, Cabello, EOS.

For the younger generation McDonald’s has NO! SHOES, ‘K’, I (heart) Billy and Los Cabos.

A special feature of McDonald’s Fashions is the range of leading designer European shoes, Cabello, EOS, Effegie, hand crafted boots featuring super soft and durable leathers.

The EOS hand made shoes for women are imported from Portugal where they are hand crafted in Portugese leather.

Men are not forgotten.

Top men’s brands from McDonald’s include Julius Marlowe, Florsheim, Hush Puppies and Colarado.

Spare the tissues this Winter

Winter is cold and flu season, and it’s important to stay healthy so that your body can fight off infection.

Make sure you get plenty of exercise in the fresh air, and continue to eat fresh food and vegetables along with your winter comfort food.

If you do get sick, CAMstart Pharmacy stocks a huge range of products to get you back on your feet sooner.

Ethical Nutrients Innerhealth Daily Immune is a probiotic powder which is recommended to strengthen your immune system.

If taken daily it supports healthy recovery from colds, the duration of the cold and the number of sick days.

Now formulated to maintain full strength even outside of the fridge, Ethical Nutrients Daily Immune can go with you anywhere.

Supplements are great to prevent illness and keep you healthy, but many of them are not recommended for pregnancy.

Luckily BioCeuticals ArmaForce Pregnancy has been developed to take care of you and your unborn baby in that crucial time.

Vitamins C and D and zinc have been blended with Echinacea and the glycoprotein, Lactoferrin, to safely strengthen your immune system help fight off upper respiratory tract infections.

BioCeuticals ArmaForce Pregnancy is also formulated for vegetarians.

CAMstart Pharmacy will be conducting a Flu Clinic on June 15 from 8.30am.

The flu vaccination is recommended if you are to avoid this year’s flu strains. Influenza can be serious, and NSW Health recommends that everyone over the age of six months gets vaccinated against it.

One word: SNUG

Lesley Durkin is happy to demonstrate a warm microfibre blanket – it looks warm and it is warm!

Don’t be cold on these winter nights.

Logan Furniture and Bedding in Narrabri has a big range of the warmest in blankets and throws.

“We have a great range of colours and a great selection of warm woollen throws, the finest

Australian Merino wool blankets, flannelette sheets and thermal flannelette sheets,” said Logan’s Lesley Durkin.

Popular micro fibre blankets and mink blankets keep the cold at bay on the coldest nights.

And they all come in warm winter colours.

“We have a full range in the store,” said Mrs Durkin.

Go along to Logan Furniture and Bedding and choose a woolen throw, curl up in front of the television and enjoy the winter’s nights.

It’s time to meet a warmth like no other… Say hello to your new wood fire heater!

Debbie Ayscough keeps her shop warm with a premium wood fire heater

There is nothing like a wood fire to heat your home.

In Narrabri, Narrabri Plumbing is the agent for Scandia freestanding and in built wood heaters.

Narrabri Plumbing also provides installation and service support.

Scandia Premier Series wood heaters are the product of three generations of experience which have resulted in one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly wood heater ranges in Australia.

Scandia wood heaters are designed and manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility, made with heavy gauge steel and kiln-fired fire bricks.

Scandia heaters are available as free standing or inbuilt models.

You can choose the model suitable for your home, heating from 140 to 300 square metres.

Scandia backs its products with a 10-year warranty in all the Premier models.

Narrabri Plumbing has a comprehensive range of products to keep you warm, including solar, gas and electric hot water systems and gas heaters. Their friendly customer service and quality to detail cannot be beat.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, drop in today and get your winter warmth sorted.

McKechnies won’t leave you out in the cold this winter

Tom Davison with the array of heaters available at McKechnie Bros.

Keep your house cosy this winter by ensuring it is adequately heated.

Insulation and thick window coverings help prevent heat loss to the outside and reduce costs.

McKechnie Brothers’ Thrifty Link Hardware can help you heat this winter.

If you run out of gas, they promise prompt delivery of a new gas bottle.

McKechnie Brothers’ Thrifty Link Hardware also stocks the latest in heaters, and their experienced staff will help you choose the right heater for your space.

Enjoy the outdoors all the more for knowing you have a warm house to come back to!