If I hadn’t come out he would have killed the alpaca.”


A bandaged and bloodstained Lionel the alpaca recovers from the dog attack, with Ugly Sister the sheep in the background.

A savage dog attack on a pet alpaca has left a Narrabri family angry and upset and prompted a plea to keep dogs – particularly pig dogs – contained in their own yard.

Lionel the alpaca, a family pet of the Bailey family was mauled by a dog which was roaming the area and got into the Bailey’s yard.

The alpaca is recovering after urgent treatment by a vet, but was saved from worse injuries or death by his owner Ian Bailey.

“At 5.30 on Sunday morning last week my dogs raised the alarm and I went out and was confronted by a dog attacking my alpaca,” said Mr Bailey.

The alpaca is a companion animal, and guard, for another pet, a sheep called ‘Ugly Sister.’

“I hunted the dog which also had a go at me,” said Mr Bailey.

“If I hadn’t come out he would have killed the alpaca.