David Pierce is turning a great idea into a brilliant project.

Nosh Narrabri is a financial supporter of David Pierce’s community garden project and on Friday, Nosh Narrabri committee members Amy Withington and Ruth Redfern presented David with a donation towards the cost of establishing the garden. Nosh Narrabri distributes any surplus funds to community groups after each Nosh event.

David Pierce is turning a great idea into a brilliant project.

He had the ‘lightbulb moment’ of creating a community garden four years ago when he was enjoying the quiet while in his own garden on a Sunday morning.

He then researched what he could do to initiate a community garden in Narrabri.

David said he felt the need for local people to have a place to be themselves and learn more about plants and the local culture.

He hopes for people to feel comfortable and happy to meditate, learn, and soak up the sun, all while feeling safe.

“I am so grateful for all the generous donations towards this plan from community organisations including Nosh Narrabri, Abbeyfield, Filipino residents, Dementia Australia and others,” David said.

“There will be a total of eight gardens and each business which made a donation will have its own garden to maintain for up to 12 months.

“Each garden bed will have a plaque to acknowledge the generous people involved.”

The area for the garden is the ‘reservoir block’ adjacent to his house on the corner of Doyle and Balonne Streets.

David believes this will be the perfect spot for the garden as it is close to town, the library, schools and disability housing.