Above: Amelia Beer extinguishing a gas fire during the Fire and Rescue day.

Junior firefighter Amelia Beer, joined 19 other girls for the inaugural Girls Fire and Emergency Services Camp held west of Sydney at Camp Yarramundi, in the Hawkesbury Valley.

The camp ran from Sunday, December 2 to Friday, December 7, 2018.

The fifteen-year-old, who has always been interested in fire fighting, joined the Rural Fire Service along with her mother, Rebecca Tribe, in April last year.

“I’ve wanted to join since I was a little girl, because mum was in it when I was really little, so I’ve always wanted to join with her,” said Amelia.

Amelia has fond memories of playing in the fire trucks as a small child, because both her mother and her father, Nathan Beer, now of Clifton in Queensland, were dedicated members of the RFS.

Amelia was nominated to participate in the Girls Fire and Emergency Services Camp by her mother and her brigade and was surprised when she got the phone call, informing her that she had been accepted.

The camp was divided into three sections. One day was dedicated to drills and exercises which were linked to the Fire and Rescue Service, the next day the participants practised skills related to the Rural Fire Service, and the following day they spent on the river doing exercises and drills related to the State Emergency Service.

“What we did was basic skills, because there were girls there who didn’t even know what it was about, what we do and all that, they had no experience, so (we were) just teaching them the ins and outs of things. It was fun, I got to help a couple of girls on the RFS day, and tell them what to do,” said Amelia.

“I would recommend girls here to join up and do it, it is so eye-opening and it’s fantastic, I had so much fun,” she added.