Above: Surveyors Nathan Nott and Lauren Baguley have embarked on a major task, surveying floor levels at each home and business premises across Narrabri.

Narrabri’s most comprehensive flood study is now underway.

Over the ensuing weeks, or longer, surveyors will visit every household and business premises in town to measure floor heights and gather other data.

The information will inform a highly detailed picture of future flood impacts on a Narrabri-wide basis and extending to some out of town areas.

The survey has been undertaken as part of the Narrabri Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan. The study will provide data for a comprehensive plan that will help guide the council to address flood risk in and around Narrabri.

The council has commissioned WRM Water Environment and Narrabri firm Gleeson Surveying to help deliver components of the plan.

The surveyors have been tasked with delivering a property floor level survey for all land within Narrabri.

“The floor level survey will help the council and Narrabri residents fully understand their flood risk and help inform the council’s future flood mitigation strategies,” a council spokesman said.

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