Narrabri High School general assistant Steve Duncan gets the ‘thumbs up’ from students Cilla Hamblin, Piper Williams, Makenzie Von Goslga, Amelie Johnson, Bonnie Ballangarry, Millie Dansey, Holly Ford and Ebonie Bruce.

Narrabri High School’s grounds, entrance and foothpaths outside the school grounds are immaculate, green and flowering even in these dry times.

The grounds draw praise from the school community and visitors.

“Students will feel uplifted just to walk through there on their way to class,” a ‘Thumbs’ contributor noted some time ago.

The uplifting grounds are the work of school staff member of 16 years, general assistant Steve Duncan.

“The grounds are always immaculate,” said principal Dinos Charalambous.

“We have grass where we have never had grass before. Steve has worked miracles.

“Pride is the word. Steve always wants to do the best for the school and the school community appreciates it.”