Above: Ron Holliday, 100, and his sister Eileen Spraggs, 102, with their niece Robyn Holliday at Mr Holliday’s party on Friday.

Narrabri’s newest centenarian Ron Holliday was surrounded by family, friends and Whiddon Jessie Hunt staff for a big 100th birthday celebration on Friday.

Mr Holliday shared the day with his sister Eileen Spraggs, 102.

The cheerful brother and sister are living proof that ‘age is just a number’, as the saying goes.

A beaming Mr Holliday responded to his many well wishers and cut a huge celebratory birthday cake.

A highlight of the birthday lunch at Whiddon Jessie Hunt was the recital of tribute poems from Max Pringle and Jacqui Warnock.

“We had mainly friends present,” said Mr Holliday’s niece Robyn Holliday.

“Many great nieces and nephew couldn’t get away to attend.

“It was very good of the Whiddon Group to stage the party.

“It was a wonderful day and Uncle Ron was the centre of attention which he enjoyed – he hasn’t really been the centre of attention throughout his life.

“He shed a few tears but they were tears of happiness.

“A special gift was a piece of amethyst which anchored a 100th birthday balloon.

“He loves rocks and minerals – it was his lifelong interest and he donated his substantial collection to the Narrabri Museum where it is on display. And the amethyst is now in pride of place on his bedside table.”