Above: Spring Plains fundraisers: back, Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service representitive James Lawrence with Spring Plains Hall committee members and helpers Lara Seccombe, Sharon Grellman, Anna Sevil, Graham Cameron, Murray Watson, Georgia Michell, Nanette Watson, Katie Watson, Ben Watson, Toby Seccombe, Mike Boyle, Alex Wilson and baby Albert, Dylan Armitage, Tony Schwager, Angus Moore, Shirley Schwager, Tom Wilson, front, Jono and Wendy and Phelps. Absent from photo – Wendy Cameron, Kate and Matt Schwager.


The Spring Plains Hall committee has raised over $35,000 for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service.

“We are incredibly grateful to our sponsors and everyone who came to the long lunch on Saturday to have a good time and show their support for such a worthy cause,” said Spring Plains Hall chair Angus Moore.

“The Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service based in Tamworth is a lifeline for people here and it helps everyone, it doesn’t discriminate.”

The long lunch was held at the Spring Plains Hall and this year’s theme was ‘le diner en blanc’.

The hall was built in 1926 and the venue has provided a beautiful vista across the plains for many community events over the years, and Saturday didn’t disappoint.

Despite the windy weather, the scene was stunning with green gum and palm decorations adding a pop of colour to the white-dress code.

Guests travelled from far and wide to attend, from Queensland and Sydney to Walgett, and for some it was just a short trip down the road.

On arrival, drinks were offered and raffle tickets sold before attendees sat down to lunch and listened to music from guitarist vocalist Sarah Leete.

“The Committee has worked extremely hard and should be proud of the great occasion,” said Mr Moore.