Recent monitoring of the population of Bilbies released into the Pilliga last December has revealed a new addition – a female.

The healthy sub-adult female was one of the animals trapped over four nights by a team of Australian Wildlife Conservancy ecologists.

As part of the NSW Government’s Saving our Species program, AWC translocated a total of 60 Bilbies to the Pilliga in December 2018.

“The animals were microchipped before being released into a 5800 hectare feral predator-free area which was constructed over four months,” an AWC spokesperson said.

“However, this female was not chipped.

“The Bilbies in the Pilliga were recently monitored through a combination of spotlighting, trapping and remote cameras.

“Among the captured was our new female.

“Due to her age, she most likely was in the pouch of one of the translocated females.

“Although the vegetation was dense, seven Bilbies were observed in spotlighting, and four were trapped over four nights.

“Despite prevailing dry conditions and an extremely hot summer, the Bilbies appear to be thriving – all of the animals that were recaptured had put on weight and were in better condition since release.”