Above: Gerri Cruckshank, the 2018 Wee Waa Showgirl and Showgirl steward with 2019 Senior Showgirl entrant Georgie Haire.

The entrants stunned the crowd at Saturday night’s Wee Waa Showgirl Evening, Art and Photography Preview event.

“There were eight Junior Showgirl entrants who were all so impressive for their age,” said Gerri Cruckshank, the 2018 Wee Waa Showgirl and Showgirl steward.

“They wowed us all with their range of local knowledge and ambitions.”

The winner will be announced this Friday night at the Wee Waa Show but the preview evening gave the community a chance to meet the entrants.

“We had one Senior Showgirl entrant – Georgie Haire who impressed us with her interest and dedication to our local community. Georgie demonstrated that we have the perfect Showgirl to represent our community for 2019.”

If Saturday night was just a preview of what’s in store at this weekend’s Show then it’s going to be a spectacular few days, starting Friday May 17 through to Sunday May 19.

“Saturday evening went off without a hitch. The evening was a conclusion to the day of judging for the girls, with their three judges; Adam Coleman, Emily Colless and Lorna Gleeson,” said Miss Cruckshank.

“Earlier in the day, the girls had 20 minute interviews at the C & W Office where they were asked a variety of questions from local knowledge, political topics, national news and questions about themselves.

“We held the evening at the Pony Club Kitchen where the art and photography were exhibited around the inside of the dining area.

“Our Showgirl evening extending to the front lawns of the kitchen that over look the polo cross fields.

Miss Cruckshank said about 85 people attended the evening and it was “the perfect way” to combine the Showgirl judging with the Show, keeping in alignment with the 2019 show theme, ‘Celebrating our local community’.