Above: Whiddon ‘MyLife buddy’ Liz Berger, Whiddon resident and former pilot Peter Blewitt and pilot Mick Barclay.

Eighty-two-year-old Peter Blewitt, affectionately known as Blue to his mates, worked as an agricultural pilot for more than 40 years and absolutely loved the thrill of soaring through the skies.

“I enjoyed the freedom of flying,” said Mr Blewitt who is now a resident at Whiddon, Wee Waa.

Mr Blewitt’s health has grounded him for the last few years but recently he was back in the air, flying high with an old workmate Mick Barclay.

“It was excellent.

“I really enjoyed it. I like flying – it’s a good feeling,” said Mr Blewitt.

“I was looking forward to the flight because Mick’s done a nice job on his plane.”

Mr Blewitt worked with Mr Barclay in Western Australia, in 1994.