Above: Paramedics Rick Duggan, left, and Martin Steven, right, with Terry (Doley) Wilson.

Narrabri’s Terry (Doley) Wilson has had a near death experience, but survived thanks to the prompt and professional attention of Narrabri paramedics.

Terry recently suffered a heart attack and a subsequent cardiac arrest.

‘“I was dead, quite frankly, but I was brought back by the paramedics,” he said.

The skills of the paramedics are often called upon in similar emergencies, but Terry wanted to say ‘thanks’ publicly to emphasise the professionalism of the team and to offer some advice.

“Call Triple O as soon as you can,” he urges people who undergo a serious medical incident.

“There is nothing special about me or my case, but it is important in that it highlights the fantastic professionalism and expertise of the paramedics we have in Narrabri.”

Terry Wilson’s emergency began just after breakfast at his Nandewar Street home at about 7.45 one morning recently. He was sitting quietly at the breakfast table with his wife, Margaret.

“I had no real symptoms, just a chest pain,” he said.