Above: Narrabri Shire Council’s Road Services manager Luke McDermott, Outdoor Parks Manager, Evan Harris, Mayor Cathy Redding and Council’s general manager Stewart Todd in Cameron Park with the new sign officially marking the route of the walk and cycle pathway.

One of Narrabri’s greatest natural assets is the river which runs through it, albeit not at full flow at present.

Now, work is soon to start on enhancing the Namoi riverside precinct for locals and visitors to town.

The NSW government in association with Narrabri Shire Council, has funded a major infrastructure project, a $788,704 walk and cycle path which will run from the hospital along the river (technically Narrabri Creek) to the Violet Street low level bridge and then back on the eastern side of the river to the Creek Bridge.

The pathway’s proponents have planned and lobbied for the project for almost four years. Funding was
ultimately granted in the latter stages of the last NSW government’s term.

The visionary project had its origin in an idea floated by Selina Street residents including Guy Roth, Jocellin Jansson and Ron Campbell among others. Interest ebbed and flowed, but Cr Campbell, the council and other residents persevered.

The Shire Council embraced the idea and supported it.