The Narrabri group of the The Embroiderers’ Guild NSW hosted a Friendship Day at the Narrabri Aquatic Centre on Tuesday to celebrate World Embroidery Day.

Narrabri convenor Julie Roy said that the group normally meets once a month, but for the past few years has hosted a Friendship Day to recognise the annual event.

“We have this extra day to celebrate the World Embroidery Day,” Mrs Roy told The Courier.

“Friends come along and join us for the day and we have a nice social day revolving around stitching.

“It’s an expression of freedom, we are able to meet as a group and enjoy one of our pastimes.”

The group celebrated the day by creating an artistic trading card.

The Trading Cards are two-and-a-half inches by three-and-a-half inches, the size of a business card, and they can be made to swap or trade but can never be bought or sold.

“It’s a fun way that artists of all kind, not just embroiders, share their work,” Mrs Roy said.