The Northwest Speedway Club needs help and it needs help fast – this season and in fact both the future of the club and speedway racing itself in Narrabri depends on it.

The club is currently seeking two dedicated and driven individuals to fill the roles of secretary and treasurer on the committee.

On Sunday, July 14, the Northwest Speedway Club held its annual general meeting at the Namoi Hotel but just four people attended.

The club had another attempt at an annual general meeting two weeks later which attracted nine people.

The club’s 2018-19 president Gary Rodd successfully nominated to return to the top job for the 2019-20 season, but no other positions were filled.

2018-19 treasurer Coreena Hill and secretary Matt Hayne both stepped down from their respective roles.

Mr Rodd said that locking down a new secretary and a treasurer as soon as possible were at the top of the club’s priority list.

If those two positions are not filled soon the club might not just be in danger of abandoning its two race meetings for the coming season, but it could completely fold.

“We need to have those positions filled to keep the club going,” Mr Rodd told The Courier.

“Even if we just decide not to race this coming season we still need to have a committee.

“We don’t want to shut down.

“Our speedway is very well supported here in the town and also the district, people come from quite far away, they like coming to Narrabri.”

Mr Rodd said that the club was in a great financial position and that it was a great time to join the club’s committee.

“This is the best position our club has been in since the very beginning,” Mr Rodd said.