ASp – an Australian ‘first’ – will be launched at Nosh Narrabri this year.


Stephen Beale and Rosemary Smith have been quietly pioneering the northwest NSW – and Australian – production of agave spirit, a unique alcoholic drink distilled from agave plants growing on their Kaputar Road property.

Agave spirit is in the Mexican tradition of tequila and mezcal, the couple explained.

They have formed Black Snake Distillery and the drink will be labelled ASp, an acronym for ‘Agave Spirit’ – coincidentally a play on the distillery name.

The agave plants are smoked for up to eight days in a brick oven, then processed by hand and distilled in small lots.

The ASp journey began when Phillipa Beale visited Mexico and suggested to her father Stephen it could be made in Narrabri where agave plants are common.

Much research, many approvals, licences and certifications later and ASp is ready for its launch.

“We will be introducing ASp at Nosh Narrabri – people will be able to sample and buy,” Stephen and Rosemary said.