Idemitsu Australia Resources’ Boggabri Coal has released a statement on progress of negotiations between the Construction Forestry Maritime Mining And Energy Union and the company.

“Boggabri coal is yet to reach agreement with the CFMMEU and employee representatives after 11 meetings over seven months” a Boggabri Coal spokesman said.

“In this period, the CFMMEU has conducted numerous work stoppages before and after negotiation discussions and have peddled false and misleading claims to our employees and the community.

“The proposed agreement tabled will ensure Boggabri Coal employees are the highest paid open-cut mineworkers in the Gunnedah Basin.

“In addition to increases in salary Boggabri Coal has made approximately 20 changes to conditions in the agreement, which will provide increased benefits and flexibility for our employees.

“In addition to this, Boggabri Coal has moved the total mining workforce of around four hundred workers from labour hire arrangements over to permanent employment directly with Boggabri Coal which provides security and stability for the employees and their families.

“The CFMMEU’s campaign to date has been disingenuous” the Boggabri Coal statement said.

“Despite claiming that the pay and conditions of our employees ‘don’t reflect industry standards’, it is the CFMMEU which signed off on previous and current enterprise agreements in 2015, 2016 and 2018.

“They simply cannot have it both ways. Boggabri Coal has been negotiating in good faith and it is time the Construction Forestry Maritime Mining And Energy Union put their members first ahead of trying to get headlines in the media.”