Fifty-four children turned up for a another fantastic week at the annual Wee Waa Pony Camp.


The week was filled with activities including flat riding, bareback, show-jumping, camp draft, horse ball and cross country.

Families travelled from as far north as Weipa, which is located at the tip of North Queensland, and as far south as Victoria for the week-long pony camp.

The camp began on Sunday and was completed Saturday afternoon with the presentation.

The purple troopers, who are the youngest of all the groups, finished on Wednesday.

The purple troopers participate on led horses but still take part in the same activities as the other troops.

Many troops from last year’s camp returned to help out in any way they could.

On Friday the camp began its gymkhana day which involved a troop drill competition, a dressage competition and show jumping.

A new addition to the week-long camp was the first ever Wee Waa Pony Camp Survivor, where the kids were allocated into groups of mixed ages and asked to complete challenges and tasks.

Results and more photos from the Wee Waa Pony Camp to come.