Last week I learned of the passing of a great lady whom I have known as Jean Kahl.

In my much younger years I had the great privilege of having a close association with Jean and Paul Kahl and their then young family in the early 1960s.

I say privilege and indeed it was, while working in a field next to the then Glencoe homestead, ‘now only ruins’ I watched this old Chev truck and Holden station wagon coming and what seemed like a lot of kids, some running alongside and in front of the truck.

I then lived and worked with this family until their new house was built, what a learning curve.

This was the first time for me in a family situation where at meal times the food was placed in the middle of the table and we served ourselves, plenty of good food.

At that time we had a cow for fresh milk, guess who milked her? Me!

Jean was a good kind person and quite often very entertaining.

Paul was a good boss to me and they were a good Christian family in the best sense of Christianity, honest, hard working, morally good in all aspects.

This family along with Frank and Norma Hadley who were business partners with the Kahls at that time, have gone on to make a huge impact on this district.

As the saying is, the rest is history.

I say again a great lady has passed away but her legacy lives on.

Thank you for the great experience.

James ‘Jim’ Thomson (an old Wee Waa resident)

Editor’s note: Mrs Kahl passed away on October 7 at Wee Waa aged 98 years and 7 months.

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