Member for Barwon Roy Butler has raised concerns about the Telstra outage that is currently impacting the Narrabri area and released the below statement.


My Office has been in contact with Telstra today about the 3G and 4G outages in Narrabri and surrounds, trying to get some answers about when the problem will be fixed.

The 4G should have been back online this morning; they now don’t know when they’ll have it back online. The 3G will take at least another five days to be back online according to Telstra.

These outages mean that EFTPOS is down for businesses, and nobody can make or receive calls – effectively grinding a number of businesses to a halt.

Questions from my Office about compensation for those businesses have gone unanswered. These businesses are already severely impacted by drought, this further financial damage and refusal to answer simply adds to financial stress for mostly family businesses

It’s not ok that Telstra hasn’t been in contact with people. It’s not ok that businesses have been left in the lurch.

As telecommunications is a Federal issue, My Office has taken this up with Mark Coulton.

More to come.