Bellata district community like so many is suffering from the drought,and like other communities, is keeping their collective chins up.

The community is staging its second ‘Harvest Under the Stars’ event – a cocktail party style celebration designed to bring the community together to have a good time and forget the drought for a little while.

“We staged a Harvest Under the Stars’ last year because there was no harvest and it went very well.

“And because once again there are no crops this year we thought it appropriate to do it again,” said one of the organisers Drew Penberthy.

“This is titled Harvest Under the Stars take 2: ‘Down, but not out…yet.’”

The Harvest Under the Stars party will be held at Bellata Golf Club on Saturday, November 9 starting at 6.30.

There will be great food, music and refreshments available, as advertised.

Buses will be available from Narrabri and Moree. Look online for information about tickets and bus seats.