The Shell Questacon Science Circus arrived in Narrabri on Saturday and had a great crowd when it opened at 10am.

The event was held at The Crossing Theatre with science-curious kids and adults enjoying a full day of shows and activities.

Attendees tested their skills across a large range of fun experiments including reaction tests, a tennis ball throwing speed challenge, balancing sticks and many more interactive activities.

Questacon Circus presenter Holly Blunden said that it was great to see so many people enjoy Questacon without having to leave Narrabri.

“I grew up in Canberra so Questacon was part of my natural school holiday activities,” she said.

“Seeing how science is a part of your everyday life and a part of all life around us is important for kids and families of all ages.

“And there is no reason why that should be restricted to a trip to Canberra once in Year 5 or 6.

“We really want to just bring as much of that experience as possible across the country.”

Ms Blunden said that the numbers were fantastic and even noticed some familiar faces.

“We’re stoked,” she said.

“I’ve seen so many of the kids that we’ve been seeing in the local schools and things like that.

“They’ve obviously seen a show at their school, had a great time, and brought their parents and siblings along with them.

“That is the best kind of feedback you can ask for.”

The Science Circus left Narrabri on Saturday afternoon and headed for Inverell.

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