I noticed Bono (U2 frontman) was out supporting the firies yesterday 19/11 during this time of “unforgettable fire”.

Can anyone let me know if any of the Greens leadership have been out giving a hand?… because I still haven’t found what I’m looking for in that regard.

I guess they’ll continue to try and score political points as they continue in their ‘holy war’ against all us climate change deniers – all while the ‘Joshua Tree’ burns to ashes.

Greenies, all I want is you to swallow your pride and go out to the towns and bushlands to support the firies in NSW, SA and yes, in ‘God’s country’ (Qld).

I know the Greenies leadership moves in mysterious ways compared to the rest of us, but it’s time to leave the latte shops and the climate modelling to go and stand before our firies – instead of a TV camera.

So “Achtung baby!”

Greens leadership, at the end of the day our amazing firies are going to fight these fires with or without you – and a little (endangered) birdie tells me they’d prefer to do it without you, because, boy, they see you as the cause of their problems – not your supposed climate emergency.

Troy Nipperess, Narrabri

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