It has been another blustery, and dusty week for our Shire, and I must admire the resilience of all of community members during this time.

It is good to see that there is still some positivity around the Shire in the lead up to Christmas, especially with the recent announcement by local business owners to co-ordinate the Narrabri Christmas Fair which will be on Thursday evening December 19.

Council has assisted this group of very enthusiastic and initiative-driven business owners who still wanted to create the ‘festive feel’ of the last, late night shopping experience (between 4.00 and 9.00pm) on that Thursday evening in Narrabri.

Wee Waa is continuing its Chamber of Commerce tradition of Mardi Gras on Tuesday, December 17, with the annual Rose Street Christmas Mardi Gras and Boggabri will hold its Christmas Carnival on Friday, December 13.

I would continue to emphasise to our Shire residents to shop locally leading up to Christmas.

Support our local families and employees, and to keep money spent locally to build and grow our fantastic towns.

I look forward to spending my time shopping during the evenings during December, but am very eager to support what will be in store for these events.


Last week I attended the NSW Public Libraries Annual Conference in Sydney with Cr Maxine Booby as Council delegates.

Many Councils from across NSW attended this Conference and it was a great opportunity to network, discuss and compare with other NSW Councils, from both regional and metropolitan centres, and review their current Library structures as they currently stand.

The main theme of the Conference was: ‘Libraries of the 21st Century – Providing Innovative and Cost Effective Library Programs and Services for Communities in Need’.

It was a great event for Council to attend and I am sure that many of the ideas and a lot of feedback from the Association will filter back through to all Libraries across the state, benefitting community members and educational facilities alike.


On Friday of last week the Rapid Response Team/Farmers Community Connect arrived within the Shire to assist local farmers and graziers with the delivery of donated drought supplies – including bulk feed pellets, mental health support and rural counselling as well as providing a barbecue throughout the day.

It was an opportunity for attendees to have a ‘good chat’ with people from around the region.

Narrabri Shire was very fortunate to gain the assistance of this team of volunteers for the day, providing drought assistance to our residents, and on behalf of Council, I would like to sincerely thank these very generous and charitable organisations and work crews on their great work, not only within Narrabri Shire, but throughout the state.

These teams of volunteers have recently been assisting the bushfire

ravaged centres throughout the state, as well as continuing their drought relief efforts at the same time.

I certainly commend these wonderful people on their local efforts for our community members, and wish them all the best for their continued efforts for other drought affected communities within NSW.

One final reminder for all residents that the 2019 Australia Day Awards applications close this Friday November 29, 2019.

Applications for: Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year and Event of the Year are all open and receiving submissions, so please don’t forget to get your application forms off the website, at the Council office, or call 6799 6866 to have a copy emailed to you, completed and returned no later than Friday, November 29.

There are many worthy recipients within our community, and it is a fantastic award to be honoured with, for service to our Shire.

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