Friends Flicks wound up its 2019 season of monthly movies on Thursday night with a screening of The Death of Stalin, a ‘black’ comedy-drama in a history context – the death of Josef Stalin, one of the world’s most deadly dictators, in 1953.

The storyline traced the jockeying among members of the politburo to take over after Stalin died suddenly as he was putting the final touches to a list of victims for another of his ‘purges’ of colleagues.

Nikita Kruschev ultimately became leader, with the elimination of secret police chief Beria, one of Stalin’s murderous henchman, another potential front runner for the job.

Friends Flicks members have enjoyed a varied program of movies through the year.

Friends Flicks president Katie Bushby farewelled members for the year and looked forward to a bigger year with more movie attendees in 2020.


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