Welcome to The Courier’s 2019-20 Narrabri District Cricket Association Namoi Super Slog T20 competition live blog.

Tonight the four franchises – Rose Pest Control, Priag Marketing, Carla Baxter Real Estate and Specialised Civil Services – will draft their teams for the Super Slog.

Each franchise has a $10million salary cap.

When a player is called out each franchise and their captain has 60 seconds to decide what portion of their salary cap they will offer to spend on that player.

The franchise with the highest bid on a player will have that player added to their roster, and their price will be subtracted from that team’s salary cap.

Throughout the night we will provide an updated list of each player who has been drafted, their draft price and the team they were drafted into.

The first player drawn out was Civeo’s Jade Lees who was taken by Priag Marketing for $700,000.

The first million dollar player in the auction was RSL and NDCA War Vets Cup player Jake Brayshaw who went for $2,000,000 to Rose Pest Control.

The biggest bid for most of the night was $2,400,000 which saw Priag Marketing score the services of Western Imperial Razorbacks and NDCA War Vets Cup young gun Dylan Smith.

That was overtaken with the second last pick of the night which saw Western Imperial Razorbacks’ Justin Knight go to Carla Baxter Real Estate for $3,898,180.

However the biggest bid of the night was $4,912,780 which was spent on Civeo’s Nick Smart by Specialised Civil Services.


  1. Jade Lees (Civeo) – Priag Marketing ($700,000)
  2. Joel Hogan (Civeo) – Rose Pest Control ($200,000)
  3. Alistair Hillard (Tatts) – Carla Baxter Real Estate (250,000)
  4. Brendon Smith (Razorbacks) – Rose Pest Control ($50,000)
  5. Daniel Hamilton (Razorbacks) – Specialised Civil Services ($50,000)
  6. Jake Brayshaw (RSL) – Rose Pest Control ($2,000,000)
  7. Luke Morgan (Tatts) – Carla Baxter Real Estate ($500,000)
  8. Shane Murphy (RSL) – Rose Pest Control ($150,000)
  9. Matt Conroy (Civeo) – Carla Baxter Real Estate ($900,000)
  10. Michael Morgan (Tatts) – Rose Pest Control ($1000)
  11. Josh Trindall (Razorbacks) – Priag Marketing ($600,000)
  12. Daniel Hughes (RSL) – Specialised Civil Services ($100,010)
  13. Clay Hoffman (Razorbacks) – Priag Marketing ($1000)
  14. Luke Meppem (Civeo) – Specialised Civil Services  ($750,010)
  15. Michael Smart (Civeo) – Rose Pest Control ($200,000)
  16. Cody Kember (RSL) – Carla Baxter Real Estate ($755,000)
  17. Guy Gleeson (Tatts) – Rose Pest Control ($10,000)
  18. Toby Reynolds (Razorbacks) – Rose Pest Control ($300,000)
  19. Jordan Mowle (Civeo) – Priag Marketing ($400,000)
  20. Eben Botha (Tatts) – Specialised Civil Services ($50,000)
  21. Angus Galagher (Razorbacks) – Priag Marketing ($500)
  22. Chris Sargent (Civeo) – Specialised Civil Services ($1,100,000)
  23. Ashar Azam (Civeo) – Priag Marketing ($200)
  24. Tim Hayne (Civeo) – Carla Baxter Real Estate ($150,000)
  25. Luke Barton (RSL) – Carla Baxter Real Estate ($200,000)
  26. Jake Thurston (Civeo) – Specialised Civil Services ($15,000)
  27. Zack Doring (Razorbacks) – Carla Baxter Real Estate ($100,100)
  28. Dylan Smith (Razorbacks) – Priag Marketing ($2,400,000)
  29. Jonty Schwager (Tatts) – Specialised Civil Services ($580,000)
  30. Steve Phelps (Razorbacks) – Rose Pest Control ($500,000)
  31. Dylan Segundo (Tatts) – Rose Pest Control ($750,000)
  32. Jarrett Tough (RSL) – Carla Baxter Real Estate ($100,100)
  33. Hadley Sevil (Razorbacks) – Specialised Civil Services ($280,000)
  34. Daniel Kahl (Tatts) – Specialised Civil Services ($110,000)
  35. Luke Baker (Civeo) – Priag Marketing ($10)
  36. Jock Small (Civeo) – Carla Baxter Real Estate ($100,100)
  37. Mitch Foster (Civeo) – Priag Marketing ($100)
  38. Ryan Steel (Tatts) – Passed in
  39. Cooper Brayshaw (RSL) – Carla Baxter Real Estate ($1,000,005)
  40. Jay Hall (Razorbacks) – Specialised Civil Services ($1,800,000)
  41. Nathan Trindall (RSL) – Priag Marketing ($500,000)
  42. Nick Tomlinson (Civeo) – Rose Pest Control ($1,000,000)
  43. Tom Groth (NSW Country) – Priag Marketing ($1,500,000)
  44. Ryan O’Neill (Tatts) – Rose Pest Control ($2,000,000)
  45. Chris Watkins (RSL) – Passed in
  46. Michael Hewett (Tatts) – Rose Pest Control ($600,000)
  47. Jye Manton (Civeo) – Priag Marketing ($10)
  48. Shane Robinson (Razorbacks) – Specialised Civil Services ($100)
  49. Hamish Duncan (RSL) – Carla Baxter Real Estate ($865,000)
  50. Brock Schwager (Tatts) – Rose Pest Control ($2,239,000)
  51. Tim Shields (Civeo) – Carla Baxter Real Estate ($250,000)
  52. Lachlan Woolford (Civeo) – Priag Marketing ($10)
  53. Jake Nipperess (Tatts) – Specialised Civil Services ($350,000)
  54. Waldo Botha (Tatts) – Specialised Civil Services ($2000)
  55. Justin Knight (Razorbacks) – Carla Baxter Real Estate ($3,898,180)
  56. Nick Smart (Civeo) – Specialised Civil Services ($4,912,780)
  57. Passed in 1 – Ryan Steel (Tatts) – Carla Baxter Real Estate ($931,515)
  58. Passed in 2 – Chris Watkins (RSL) – Priag Marketing ($3,898,170)



Rose Pest Control: Ty Baker (c), Joel Hogan, Brendon Smith, Jake Brayshaw, Shane Murphy, Michael Morgan, Michael Smart, Guy Gleeson, Toby Reynolds, Steve Phelps, Dylan Segundo, Nick Tomlinson, Ryan O’Neill, Michael Hewett, Brock Schwager.

Priag Marketing: Lachlan Cameron (c), Jade Lees, Josh Trindall, Clay Hoffman, Jordyn Mowle, Angus Galagher, Asher Azam, Dylan Smith, Luke Baker, Mitch Foster, Nathan Trindall, Tom Groth, Jye Manton, Lachlan Woolford, Chris Watkins.

Specialised Civil Services: Craig Gleeson (c), Daniel Hamilton, Daniel Hughes, Luke Meppem, Eben Botha, Chris Sargent, Jake Thurston, Jonty Schwager, Hadley Sevil, Daniel Kahl, Jay Hall, Shane Robinson, Jakeb Nipperess, Waldo Botha, Nick Smart.

Carla Baxter Real Estate: Tom Craig (c), Alistair Hillard, Luke Morgan, Matt Conroy, Cody Kember, Tim Hayne, Luke Barton, Zack Doring, Jarrett Tough, Jock Small, Cooper Brayshaw, Hamish Duncan, Tim Shields, Justin Knight, Ryan Steel.


Rose Pest Control: NIL

Priag Marketing: NIL

Specialised Civil Services: NIL

Carla Baxter Real Estate: NIL


Ryan Steel (Tatts)

Chris Watkins (RSL)

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