Australians have already lost more money to online shopping scams in 2019 than in the entire previous year, and Scamwatch is warning people to be cautious of online shopping scams in the lead up to the holiday season.

So far in 2019, reported losses from online shopping scams are over $4 million, well in excess of the 2018 total figure of $3.28 million.

“Watch out for these common online shopping scams” ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard warns.

•Fake websites/stores: scammers will set up fake online stores which can look like genuine online retailers.

“Some of the most commonly reported products that scammers are attempting to sell this year are shoes, smartphones and tickets to events,” Ms Rickard said.

“Warning signs for online shopping scams include extremely low advertised prices and requests to pay through direct bank transfer or cryptocurrency.”

“We encourage everyone to do their research before making an online purchase.”

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