“Keep your nose pointed towards the breeze,” instructed boomerang throwing teacher Darryl Ferguson as he led members of Narrabri NSW Fire and Rescue through boomerang throwing lessons on Sunday.

All of the beginners’ boomerangs took to the air, but only a few successfully returned.

However, after a few throws the trainees’ expertise improved under Darryl’s guidance and the boomerangs made long and graceful circuits to return more or less to the thrower.

Fire and Rescue member Brenton Ward emerged as the champion.

Brenton Ward (right), pictured with Darryl Ferguson, emerged as the champion boomerang thrower at Sunday’s Kamilaroi cultural day.

His boomerang soared across The Crossing Theatre lawns and returned as it was supposed to.

Brenton was getting his hand back in after not throwing a boomerang for some time.

“I haven’t thrown one for 13 years,” he said.

A properly thrown boomerang is an impressive sight as it takes to the air and makes its long looping return, using aerodynamic technology which nowadays is replicated in the design of the aircraft wing.

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