I urge all community members and landholders in the region to familiarise themselves with the little known Queensland-Hunter Gas Pipeline.

This proposed high-pressure gas pipeline travels via Moree, Narrabri, Boggabri, Gunnedah, Breeza, Quirindi, then via the Hunter to terminate in Kooragang Island Newcastle.

This development was approved for 10 years in February 2009 and has been extended for another five years.

As a newly titled landholder we were unaware of this pipeline’s existence and 200-metre wide corridor over our farm.

It wasn’t noted on legal title searches, and no correspondence has been received by us.

Upon advice from the company we know the last update was sent to the prior owner in 2011 with a project update.

The local landholders who will host this infrastructure have been kept in the dark on this extension process with no direct contact from the company.

The recent five year extension process did receive many objections.

Only one supporting submission was made by a company Weston Aluminium.

I think the company should prepare themselves for a battle, as should landholders and community members along this route.

The process so far of exclusion and subterfuge should be warning enough. A meeting for concerned landholders and the community is planned to discuss the project, to find and inform landholders who may be unaware of this project approval.

Peter Wills, Breeza

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