Many readers of The Courier may be dog owners, writes our correspondent.

A 2019 Pets in Australia report tells us we live with over five million companion dogs.

That’s a whole lot of dog poo to deal with.

I’m a PhD student at Central Queensland University and a dog owner myself. I’m researching whether we can compost dog poo at home and make it safe for use in backyard vegie gardens.

An important part of my study is finding out how much poo dogs produce, whether their owners pick it up, what they use and what they do with it.

Your readers can help out by taking part in my online survey.

It’s short, anonymous, and asks questions about their views and habits around collection and disposal of dog poo.

Any Australian dog owner over 13 years old can participate.

Emily Bryson, Castlebar Rd., Lockleys, SA.

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