The local market continues to rise against the tide of an expected impact of some unknown quantity on the local and world economic front from any Chinese economic slowdown due to the coronavirus. The market is up strongly today. Any fall below the recent swing low could be a warning of further falls and a place where a hedging position could be considered.

With markets constantly in a state of flux it is prudent to keep an eye on possible adverse share price falls and plan your exit point ahead of time to curtail any bigger impact. Hedging one’s portfolio against falls is also an option as well as to initiate new positions that may benefit from changing circumstances.

The BBOZ geared bear fund could be one hedging option. Watching for a swing higher.


The Australian dollar is looking weak at present.

The price of gold looks to be consolidating the recent move up making a higher low.

Wagners has moved below two possible support zones and is very close to being sold.

In the battle of the heavyweights Commonwealth Bank is up four per cent today to $88 with CSL up one per cent after both companies released their latest results.

Wisetech Global has bounced up from support and we will buy a parcel today ahead of upcoming results next week.

Pinnacle Investment announced a strong result and the share price moved up quickly.

Global education provider IDP Education leapt 27 per cent today on a good earnings result and said the coronavirus was yet to have any material impact on the business. Previous February report days have also seen shares rise.

ALS continues to look strong. The lithium miners also have some interesting looking charts, watching.



Units bought (sold)


Open price/

From last table


$ gain/loss

Buy CSL 3/12/18

at $183

c/f 9/1 at $192.31

c/fwd 3/1 at $280

Bought 10 at $192.31






Bought Westgold

c/fwd 3/1 at $2.33

Bought 1,000 at $1.03






Buy Wagners

c/fwd $2.73

Bought 1,000 at​​ 

$1.75 on 16/10/2019






Bought Magellan Financial Group

c/fwd 3/1 at $59.00

Bought 40 at $57.50






Bought Newcrest Mining

c/fwd 3/1 at $30.44

Bought 100 at $30.20






Bought Resolute Mining

Bought 2,000 at $1.25





Bought Appen


Bought 100 at $25.00





Bought Capitol Health

Bought 8,000 at 25.5c


25.5 c



Bought EML Payments

Bought 500 at $5.40





Bought City Chic


Bought 900 at $3.20





Bought Pro Medicus


Bought 100 at $25.60





Bought Polynovo


Bought 700 at $2.90












Start 2/1/2020


Open balance






Stock c/fwd 3/1


Gains/losses week








Current total






Brokerage at

$30 per round turn added when sold.

Less buy/ close prices and Margin






Prices ​​ from​​ 

Tuesday’s close or 6am for US

Cash available









Disclaimer: The commentary and trading positions taken are for educational purposes only and are not an invitation to trade. Trading is risky and individuals should seek Professional counsel before making any financial decisions. Many thanks to Incredible software for most of the charts used in the column.

Monitor, measure, manage and maximise…

Cheers Charlie.




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