Acting Police Inspector Scott Bolton is urging the community to take care during storms and avoid floodwater.

Acting Insp. Bolton warned people not to get too close to flooded creeks and rivers, and stressed the importance of observing road closure signs.

“Stay out of places you shouldn’t be, don’t drive through floodwater – just don’t risk it,” he said.

Of course, Acting Insp. Bolton acknowledged the excitement that comes with receiving much-needed rainfall but said people just needed to be cautious.

He said there was an incident last Friday night where people who were travelling in a vehicle along the Bald Hill Road became “trapped” and surrounded by water, and couldn’t get out.

Acting Insp. Bolton said the vehicle was on a “dry island” so the driver and passengers weren’t at risk but it was difficult for rescue crews to get to them.

They were eventually helped to dry land.

“If you find yourself in rapid water there are two likely outcomes.

“One is that you get rescued at great expense and you also put the safety of our volunteers and rescue workers at great risk.

“Or two, the police will be pulling your dead body out of the water,” warned Acting Insp. Bolton.

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