Narrabri Fire and Rescue units, two fire tenders and the specialist Hazmat truck, responded to an emergency call out in Maitland street Narrabri just before 4pm on Tuesday.

Firefighters were called on to enter a smoke filled kitchen, not knowing what was in there.

After donning full breathing apparatus and equipped with a state of the art gas detector, firefighters entered the kitchen at the hostel accommodation to find the cause of the smoke.

Two meat pies were the guilty parties. The pies had been put in the microwave and overcooked, charred to within an inch of their lives, with attendant smoke billowing forth.

The offending pies were removed and the area was cleared.

The incident again highlighted the capabilities and high tech equipment of Narrabri Fire and Rescue personnel. What was an innocent pie fire on this occasion could easily have been something much more toxic and dangerous.

Coincidentally, tomorrow, Wednesday, Narrabri firefighters will undergo training with breathing apparatus at Narrabri Fire Station when a specially fitted out vehicle is used for drills and practice.

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