NSW Health and Member for Barwon Roy Butler have urged the community to stay alert as a scam text message does the rounds amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“NSW Health is aware of a text message advising people to contact their local communicable disease control branch directly for a free doctor visit,” a NSW Health statement said yesterday.

“This text message did not originate from NSW Health. Our Public Health Units are now being inundated with unnecessary phone calls by concerned people who have received this text message.”

Mr Butler said the scam was disappointing.

“It’s disappointing that individuals do this sort of thing,” Mr Butler said.

“At a time of anxiety and uncertainty the last thing people need is to be given the wrong information.

“Since this crisis has escalated, there has been false rumours of coronavirus cases in our communities and incorrect information about how to manage the risk of transmission. These are immoral acts by sad individuals. People share information in good faith exacerbating the issue.

“In this instance, NSW Health has had its services impacted by people playing silly games. They need to be taking proper calls, not calls as a result of bogus information. NSW Health staff are working incredibly hard to help people, no one benefits from this nonsense.

“Please use and share information from trusted government or media sources, I will get more information to you in the morning to further update you, but if something doesn’t stack up, or if you need clarification call a NSW Health Outlet, or contact my offices.”

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