Freezers have been walking out the door, as the saying goes, at Bi-Rite, Narrabri.

“There has been a big surge of buyers,” confirmed proprietor Karen Logan.

“People are buying freezers and stocking them up as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

And it’s not only freezers which have been popular – breadmakers are also the flavour of the month.

People are getting ready to bake their own.

But while the freezer and breadmaker demand is there, the supply is not.

The freezer factories in China have been closed down due to the coronavirus.

They are now slowly getting back into production but there will still be a lag between manufacture and arrival on the wharves in Australia.

Bi-Rite believes that one of the reasons for the surge in appliance sales may be that shoppers are not travelling to Tamworth to buy – they are shopping locally, a very welcome trend although the reason is not welcome.

Bi-Rite has the range and the right prices to attract customers, but the lure of the bigger centre is evidently too hard to resist for some.

These are positive spin offs for the local business in the midst of the pandemic.

“Factories in China are now getting back to production so drop in and place your order,” suggested Mrs Logan.

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