Narrabri High School students are prepared for the future with many already switching to online learning as the community deals with restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The school is getting ahead of the curve and although classrooms still remain open, many parents have decided to keep their children at home.

NHS was prepared for this decision and students have already made a smooth transition from a traditional to a virtual classroom environment. (Scroll down to see videos and photos)

On Monday, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said “for practical reasons, parents are encouraged to keep their children at home.”

The Prime Minister has said that social distancing is “our most powerful weapon” when it comes to stopping the spread of the disease.

Despite the unprecedented situation, Narrabri High School principal Dinos Charalambous is determined to ensure the education of students doesn’t suffer greatly.

NHS has established guidelines for remote learning.

“We are committed to providing every student with the best education that is possible,” said Mr Charalambous.

Every student has received an email from their class teacher outlining the learning plan for different subjects.

Students access their email via the student portal and it can be done on a phone or computer.

Google Classroom will be one of the school’s online methods of communication to deliver coursework, as well as the learning platform, Microsoft Teams.

Students are able to use the platforms to log in to their individual subjects where they find assignments and other schoolwork.

Year 10 student and The Courier papergirl, Amelia Beer said it’s a very easy process and she was actually looking forward to learning via Google Classroom at home.

“You can email your teacher and ask a question or chat or add a comment and your classmates can see it – it’s just like a virtual classroom,” she said.

Amelia said it was each student’s responsibility to manage their own time and complete tasks.

Students don’t have to follow their timetables exactly because no doubt many households will have to share online access and devices with a number of family members.

Other NHS students who have been working from home this week have shared their photos and videos with The Courier.

And so far – it’s been a success with students embracing this brave, new world of learning online.

NHS school captain Andrew Coleman has recorded a video explaining how his HSC studies are continuing from home.

“I’m currently connected to Google Classrooms,” explained Andrew in the video.

“And for those who do not know – Google Classrooms is an online app that you can get and basically it allows the teachers to send in school work to the students online.”

“Teachers have set all the students up, all my classes are set up.

“We are still getting our work, we’re still doing our school work – it’s just a different environment.

“And I’m still wearing my badge, captaining around my house,” added Andrew with a laugh.

“I hope everyone is going well and wash your hands and stay safe.”

A message fromNarrabri High School Captain, Andrew Coleman and information on google class room. Google Classroom will be one of the online methods of communication the staff at Narrabri High School will be using to deliver coursework. Staff will be sending emails out to students with an access code allowing students to login to Classrooms to see the work they need to complete and submit. Another online method will be Microsoft Teams which is another online learning platform. Again staff will be sending emails to students notifying them.In the emails the students receive there will be a link they need to click on to enter the classroom/platforms. Students will be able to communicate with their teachers through these learning platform and should also communicate with them through the use of their Department emails.

Posted by Narrabri High School on Monday, 23 March 2020

You will also find videos on this page from Narrabri High teacher Stephen Bailey explaining how communication during these uncertain times is critical.

“Students – if you need assistance, make sure you contact us”

“And parents be reassured that we are doing the best to continue to educate your children.

And a video of support from Susan McGregor of the NHS English faculty.

“I would personally just like to thank everybody for your co-operation and understanding during these trying times.

“At the moment Narrabri High School and all our teachers are doing everything we possibly can for our students – they are all going online, they have access to everything, we have hard copies of everything.

“But more importantly I just want to thank the parents out there because you’re really, really helping us.

“So let’s get rid of this virus.”

NHS principal Dinos Charalambous added that the school has been “blown away” by the positive way that the students have embraced the change to working from home.

“There is also nothing wrong with pen and paper, work can be submitted to the office or mail, and it will be marked and returned.

“Room 2 is full of ‘paper booklets’ and is ready for students to pick up as long as prior notice is given.

“The community has been really supportive, kind and patient, I think because they know that we are committed to the students.

“The school staff, all of them, not only the teachers have been awesome,” said Mr Charalambous.

“The school staff are working hard, working together and working directly with students,” added NHS principal Dinos Charalambous.

“I really cannot praise them enough.”

Mr Charalambous also said HSC students needed to know that “they will be getting a HSC and we will be changing assessment schedules to make it much fairer, there will be plenty of consultation.”

He said Facebook, the school webpage, ‘skoolbag’ and email are the best ways of communicating with students at present.

“Stay safe and healthy and we want you to learn and we want to see all of you when we return to normal.

“Keep communication with us, positive feedback and constructive criticism is welcomed, and will be acted upon.”

Thank you and stay safe everyone.

Posted by Narrabri High School on Tuesday, 24 March 2020



Communication with your school during these uncertain times is more important than ever. A message from Narrabri High School teacher, Mr Bailey.

Posted by Narrabri High School on Tuesday, 24 March 2020





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