The Narrabri Garden Club hosted its March annual meeting at Narrabri’s Country University Centre on March 11.

This year the Garden Club decided to venture to a different venue each meeting and the March gathering at the CUC had an outstanding turnout with about 40 people attending the event.

The meeting was accompanied by morning tea and a presentation by CUC North West manager Cathy Walters.

Mrs Walters spoke to the Garden Club members about the connection of the CUC to the Narrabri community and how the CUC operates.

Garden Club acting secretary Noeline Kiss said it was a great learning experience for the members.

“The plan for 2020, this was the original plan before everything else fell over, for the Garden Club was to take members where we haven’t been before,” she said.

“We got the idea because it seemed a lot of members didn’t know what was going on at the CUC.

“They were absolutely impressed.

“A lot of people said that it was great, and they didn’t know all of it was going on.

“Cathy had an excellent presentation and she had a lot of simple data that we could understand.”

Mrs Kiss said the Garden Club is always trying to become more knowledgeable.

“We are trying to be an informative club,” she said. “That’s why a lot of people joined the Garden Club.

“They want to learn things and not necessarily always horticultural.

“That’s what the plan was at the CUC and it was great.”

Sadly with the current pandemic and social distancing restrictions the Garden Club was forced to cancel its coming monthly meetings which Mrs Kiss said has been difficult.

“It’s a test of our endurance,” she said.

“Friendships through gardening is our motto and we are all keeping contact with each other through phones and emails.

“We are all really good friends and that’s the main principle of our club.

“We’re hoping that we will still have six months of the year to celebrate and do the things we were planning.”

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