Have you noticed the sign on the Newell Highway in front of the Service NSW (RTA) office at the junction of Killarney and Barwan Streets where the roundabout has been replaced by a right hand turn?

On the right hand side approaching from the Moree end, the sign says No Right Hand Turn.

This sign which should say No Right Hand Turn from the south side (that is the Coonabarabran side) is turned around the opposite way and has been for months.

I have brought this to the attention of the police twice in the last week and they were going to report it to the council.

I notice nothing has been done.

It appears Service NSW is not responsible, the police are not responsible, and the council is not responsible.

I presume if I get out a shifting spanner and turn the sign around the right way, they will all become responsible and I will get fined for interfering with a road sign.

Bill Robinson, Narrabri

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