The Machinery Partnerships program has seen seven job seekers take an important step towards work on local projects such as the Inland Rail.

Russell Stewart coordinates delivery of the program locally.

“The recent participants attained a nationally recognised competency in Safe Tractor Operation,” said Mr Stewart.

“They can now undertake ChemCert and Rail Access accreditations through their local job active provider BEST Employment.

“The program is being delivered under the Commonwealth Government’s Regional Employment Trial,” Mr Stewart said.

“With the introduction of COVID-19 restrictions, the program has been re-designed and is now available online.

“This will enable participants to access the program in a safe online environment.

“As we have seen, the virtual industry tours have a number of advantages over the traditional excursions.

“This includes multiple site inductions and ever-present safety challenges of taking young people onto worksites with heavy machinery in operation.

“The embedded videos allow participants to see real operators onsite and in the driver’s seat, allowing them to get much closer to the action than an actual site visit would allow.”

A six-topic program replaces the face-to-face sessions.

“Comprising numerous videos, each topic contains practical, easy to follow instruction and examples.

“There is a short quiz after each topic so that participants can check their progress. We are encouraging young people to get involved by offering an iPhone download of Farming Simulator 2020 through the App Store for the first 25 people who sign up.

“Others who have access to Playstation, Xbox or a PC gaming platform can access Farming Simulator 19 online and undertake the tutorials.”

To sign up for this opportunity, go to

Contact Russell Stewart 0457 922 878 for more information.

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