The State’s peak business organisation, Business NSW, says business owners across the State are confused and frustrated over a lack of clarity surrounding the possible return to normal operations.

“Business owners see tens of thousands of people gather in close proximity for protest rallies and plans to allow crowds to attend NRL matches are unveiled, yet many businesses can’t open their doors due to the ongoing restrictions imposed on them,” said Business NSW Regional Manager Joe Townsend.

“It’s hypocrisy at its best, that the Government and the NSW Policy stood by while thousands marched without social distancing and they are now toying with the idea of letting thousands attend footballs matches while some businesses can’t even open or can barely cover their costs due to restrictions” Mr Townsend said.

“The business community has done everything that they have been asked to do by the Government since the pandemic began, and in many cases at great personal cost, and it’s because of the behaviour of the entire community that NSW and Australia have done exceptionally well in flattening the curve.

“But many businesses have gone to the wall.

“Most business owners have had to lay off staff as well as make do without any income for themselves, and they’ve accepted that this enormous sacrifice was the cost of keeping each other safe and getting to the other side of this global health crisis.

“They even accepted that anyone caught doing the wrong thing would receive a fine to reinforce the rules.

“It now seems that ‘all bets are off’. If that’s the case, then it’s time to let all businesses re-open to full capacity, get the economy moving again and get thousands of people across NSW re-employed.

“It’s often been said that the true impact of this crisis will come when the various stimulus packages cease in September, so Government needs to give business owners the best chance possible to survive before we get to that economic cliff.

“That means giving business owners some clarity about when and how they can re-open.

“There cannot be one rule for protestors and footy fans and another for the business community.

“It’s no wonder many businesses are re-evaluating whether they want to re-open at all” Mr Townsend said.

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