A very special visitor hopped into the Namoi Valley Christian School’s kindergarten class last week.

‘Kip the skip’ is a joey that is being cared for by a NVCS’ parent Brooke Caroll and she was very content making friends with the students.

“The class was bouncing almost as much as Kip, they were very excited,” said NVCS principal Peter Henderson.

Mr Henderson said school life was returning to normal and he was looking forward to July when COVID-19 restrictions were due to be relaxed further.

He said it was hard not having all the students in classrooms earlier this year, when concerns around coronavirus meant many children were learning from home.

“Students are the life blood of a school,” said Mr Henderson.

“When students are removed, school just isn’t school.

“Buildings and teachers can still be there, but students are what makes schools exist.

“We have seen students settle back in to their school learning without issue.”

Mr Henderson also praised parents and teachers for working in partnership during challenging times.


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