The Wee Waa Bowling Club will host competition matches on its greens this weekend for the first time since March as the sport emerges out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A-grade Singles matches will be contested on Saturday followed by A-grade Pairs games on Sunday, with some bowlers scheduled to compete on both days.

The club indicated that all games scheduled for this weekend would be play, sub or forfeit due to the time restrictions that the club faces.


Singles matches scheduled for Saturday are as follows:

Clancy Hamilton v Wayne Booby on rink one, marker – Kerry Sadler.
Brett Pillar v Chris Crutcher on rink three, marker – Jay Hall.
Dustyn Allen v Dave Hogan on rink five, marker – Cody Booby.
Steve Berger v Trevor Keys on rink seven, marker – Phil Lawford.

Pairs matches scheduled for Sunday are as follows:
Brett Pillar and Chris Crutcher v Ben Russell and Ty Baker on rink one.
Peter and Dustyn Allen v Dave Hogan and Wayne Booby on rink three.
Peter Doring and Steve Berger v Todd Cowan and Justin Knight on rink five.
Jay Hall and Bruce Cowan v Phil Lawford and Ray Dixon on rink seven.

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