The world has gone mad.

We see masked bandits conducting violent protests in the name of black lives.

But make no mistake, these thugs do not care about black lives, or any other colour of lives.

They use the perceived, taught grievances of some people to justify their violent, racist agenda. They are intent on starting a violent revolution where any dissent is brutally dispensed with.

They are no different to the genocidal regimes of 1930s Germany, Stalinist Russia, Maoist China, or Pol Pot’s Cambodia.

How did this come about?

It is because the Left have successfully conducted their long march through our institutions, particularly our universities (which are addicted to Chinese money), and our schools. They are ably assisted by the publicly funded propaganda machine, “our” ABC.

Arts graduates are not educated, but they are expert at espousing Socialist dogma.

These ill educated thugs are a result of an affluent Western economy where they have never had it so good. They know no history.

Cook was not a genocidal racist, but an expert navigator and brilliant cartographer, but in their ignorant, righteous fervour, want to trash his memory, along with Lincoln’s. He actually fought a war against slavery, but hey, facts don’t matter when you’re conducting a self righteous crusade.

What can be done? The silent majority continue to return “conservative” governments who apparently are happy to surrender the culture wars. This sick political environment makes for the rise of extremist politics from both sides.

To borrow from the ancient Chinese curse, we certainly do live in interesting times.

Peter Lee, Narrabri

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